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What is happening in Barcelona?

Barcelona is suffering from a bad period, especially after the departure of Argentine star Lionel Messi, the absence of scorers, and the team spirit that accompanied the golden generation of Barcelona.
Barcelona’s last tragedies were its disappointing draw yesterday against Cadiz in the Spanish League, and it remained in seventh place on the league standings, 9 points away from its traditional rival Real Madrid, who is flying in the lead alone.
The suspension of coach, Ronald Koeman, also constituted a new shock to the team, after he was expelled at the end of the Barcelona match against Cadiz, as he objected to an arbitration decision, and he was expelled from the match.
Coach Koeman was also attacked by the captain, Gerard Pique, who considered that the coach was destroying the determination of the players through statements in which he said that ending the league this season in an advanced position is considered a success.

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