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What is the danger of attacking foreign bases in Iraq and Syria?

Military bases and American forces in Iraq and Syria have frequently been subjected to continuous attacks since the middle of last month, in light of the raging war between Israel and the Palestinian factions, an official comment came from Baghdad.
Where Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein confirmed that the Iraqi government is trying to convince other countries and armed groups that link the presence of Western countries in Iraq to the war in Gaza, that the attacks they carry out against foreign interests in Iraq create dangers for the country and leave victims,
He believed that it is necessary to work with the Kurdistan region, to continue dialogue and discussions between the Kurdish parties, especially the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union, to find solutions that are in the interest of Iraq.
This announcement came after the escalation of attacks on American forces angered some within the United States Department of Defense.
Some frustrated officials in the Pentagon considered that the strategy adopted to confront Iranian proxies was incoherent or effective.
They also saw that the limited air strikes approved by US President Joe Biden to respond to these attacks failed to stop them and deter the Iranian-backed militia, according to what the Washington Post reported.
It is noteworthy that since mid-October, American forces, whether in Iraq or Syria, have been subjected to more than 61 attacks using missiles or drones. Although most of these attacks were thwarted or were limited to minor material damage, some observers believe that it is only a matter of time before the death of an American soldier is announced.
Many factions loyal to Iran in Iraq, Syria, and even Yemen (the Houthis) vowed to target American interests and bases in the region if the violent Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip continued, especially after they considered the American position strongly supportive of Israel since October 7, when the war broke out, It is more like encouraging Israeli forces to commit more violations that have so far led to the killing of more than 12,000 Palestinians, most of whom are civilians, children, and women.

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