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What is the end of the Zahra Salon series?

The last episodes of the Lebanese series “Zahra Salon” have ended.
Where it witnessed a happy ending with a marriage with the star Nadine Njeim from Moatasem Al-Nahar.

The last three episodes of “Zahra Salon” witnessed the love story of Anas (Mutasem Al-Nahar) and Zahra (Nadine Nassib Njeim), who confessed his love for her amid a repulsion from her in terms of marriage after a bad experience with her rapist she was exposed to 7 years ago, and then gave birth to her daughter Laila, who did not She wants to abort her, to give Anas an opportunity to reveal the difficult psychological effects she has been through and to hide her daughter from the world so that they do not reject her.

The events of Episode 14 also escalated with the kidnapping of Anas from the Zafer gang that smuggled money to Beirut, due to Anas’s inability to return the smuggled money hidden at the bottom of the Zahra salon chair, so the mafia gang came to destroy the salon in an attempt to recover the money, but it did not find it.

Zahra is suspicious of the girls who work with her in the salon, as they defend themselves from the charge of theft, but fails to detect the thief of the money from the chair.
Ibtisam reveals to Zahra at the beginning of episode 15 and the last what happened with her and that she was the one who took the $500 thousand for her desire to travel to her son, who immigrated to Australia to secure his life for him, but remorse prompts her to call Zahra to come to take the money and retrieve Anas from the mafia gang, where she succeeds in freeing him, but Her heart pushes her to abandon him.

At the end of Episode 15, Anas (Mutasem Al-Nahar) comes on a truck with a microphone and calls Zahra (Nadine Njeim) declaring his love for her and his desire to marry her and that he will only leave by giving him an answer, where he confesses to her his regret for what he did, then repeats his request and urgency to marry From her, to pamper him and finally accept and wear the white dress that showed Nadine’s beauty and slender figure, ending the last episodes of “Zahra Salon”.
The series “Salon Zahra” directed by Joe Bouaid, written by Nadine Jaber, starring Nadine Njeim, Moatasem Al-Nahar, Tony Issa, Carol Abboud, Lynn Gaza, Rasha Bilal, Anju Rihan, Zina Makki, Nahla Aqel Daoud, Fadi Abi Samra, Ali Sukar, and produced by Sadiq. Morning.

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