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What problems will Tunisia face with its new law?

The head of the advisory body for drafting the new constitution in Tunisia, Sadiq Belaid, announced that the new draft constitution, “will not include mentioning Islam as the state religion.”
Belaid said in a statement to Agence France-Presse, “The abolition of the first chapter of the constitution, which talks about Islam as a state religion, aims to confront parties with an Islamic reference such as the Ennahda movement.”
He also added that “80 percent of Tunisians are against extremism and against the use of religion for political goals, and this is exactly what we will do and we will simply amend the current formula for the first chapter, and there is a possibility to erase it.”
He also concluded: “We have political parties with dirty hands, and we will not accept dirty people in our democracy.”
He continued, “Al-Nahda and other parties serve many foreign powers, states or states that own a lot of money and want to spend it as they like, and use it to interfere in the affairs of states… This is treason.”
Tunisia has been experiencing a severe political crisis since last July 25, when Said began imposing exceptional measures, including freezing the powers of Parliament – which he decided to eventually dissolve – and dismissing the government and appointing others, and issuing legislation through presidential decrees.

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