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What resulted from the meeting of Latifa and Ziad Rahbani

On her last visit to Lebanon, the star Latifa visited the musician Ziad Rahbani, while she was preparing for a new song in Lebanon, and published her photo of this visit through her account on Instagram, to open the door to speculation about the close cooperation between them in a work of art, especially the preparation of new songs soon.
Latifa published several photos and videos to document her visit to Lebanon, in which she met the musician Ziad Rahbani, to express her happiness at meeting him; Because it increases her confidence in art, as she puts it.
And the Tunisian star Latifa, commenting on the two photos that she collected with Ziad Rahbani through her account on Instagram, said: “Every time I come to Lebanon from the sweetest things that happen to me, I see you and visit you and sit with you and rejoice in everything I see you and increase my confidence in art and your love and optimism gives me hope in Lebanon.”
In a video, Latifa from Lebanon published her longing for a new artwork; She commented on him, saying: “Lebanon was very upset with me, and for the first time I have been away from Lebanon for two years, I am very happy that I am here… and they learned the new from here… from Lebanon, Latifa.”
The artist had excited the audience for her new album, which is expected to be released in the coming period, and she said in a tweet through her account on the “Twitter” website: “Keep following, very soon, working hard on my next album, to be released very soon.”
In her new album, Latifa collaborates with a group of Arab poets, composers and musicians, and it includes a variety of lyrical styles between tarab, romantic and percussion.
It is noteworthy that Latifa released her latest song a while ago, a poem “Dream” by the poet Hussein El-Sayed, composed by musician Dr. Talal, and distributed by Yahya Al-Mouji.
The song “The Professor”, which achieved high views on YouTube, was also released. The song is written by Tamer Hussein, composed by Aziz El Shafei, distributed by Wissam Abdel Moneim, mix and master Hani Mahrous.

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