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What Soleimani’s yesterday was like a Zada day… in Israel!

The tension that the assassination of the Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh added to the region is escalating day by day, as Iran prepares to respond, other countries are preparing to confront this response, and as in the days following the assassination of Soleimani, expectations and speculations began to show their signs of the difficulty of the next response, and then they were mobilized. Certain countries … and the not-so-distant history repeats itself today in the same scene and scenario with the same heroes, but as a series with a new episode, and what Soleimani’s yesterday likened to Zade’s Day ..

America sent its aircraft carrier to the Gulf, and Israel officially declared a state of high alert, and today it addressed its embassies around the world, requesting that the level of security alert be raised to the highest level, in anticipation of Iran’s response.

Where the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alon Auschbiz sent a letter to the embassies of Israel, asking them to raise the security vigil to the maximum, saying: “I want to emphasize the seriousness of the events.”

Auschies said in his message: “In light of the recent developments over the weekend, I would like to emphasize the seriousness of the events and the duty that falls on all of us to ensure the security and safety of all workers in diplomatic missions and their families without exception.”

He added, “I want to ensure, as much as possible, the highest level of alertness and vigilance against any unusual activity in the embassy area, the areas of the mission families’ homes and in the centers of the Israeli and Jewish communities. We must act responsibly and fully comply with all security procedures and directives.”

Auschbiz concluded his letter by stressing the need to inform the security officers assigned to guard Israeli embassies abroad and the homes of diplomats about any accident or unusual activity.

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