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What will happen to the Israeli officer who blew up a building in Gaza as a gift for his young daughter?

Over the past few days, Israeli and Arab media have circulated a famous video of an Israeli officer and a group of his members setting up a bomb with explosives in a residential building in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, as a gift for his young daughter on her second birthday. He appeared in the video with a group of members after they set off a bomb. The building and said: “I dedicate this bombing to my daughter, Princess Ayala, on the occasion of her birthday. Today she turns two years old. I miss you,” then the countdown began, which ended with the bombing of the first-floor building, which caused a widespread uproar on social media sites.
Last Thursday, the name of Officer Eyal Meir Berkowitz (28 years old) from the 699th Battalion, who lives in Jerusalem, was mentioned among the dead officers whose deaths the Israeli army announced in the ongoing confrontations on the fighting frontlines in the Gaza Strip.
None of the Hebrew media has yet stated whether the aforementioned officer is the same one who appeared in the video clip, but pictures of the dead officer showed a strong resemblance to the one who appeared in the video recording.

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