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What would happen if a nuclear bomb went off?

Tension between Russia and the West in general is heightened by the Russian-Ukrainian war, especially after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement today of partial mobilization and possible use of nuclear weapons.
With the world’s vast arsenal of bombs and nuclear warheads, it is possible to use this kind of weapon of mass destruction. What would happen if a nuclear bomb exploded?
If a nuclear bomb explodes over a city like Washington, for example, it will immediately kill some 300 thousand people and injure hundreds of thousands, where everything will evaporate near the center of the explosion, burn a little further, destroy buildings and land on people’s heads, become volatile glass pieces like killer knives, and radiation will kill tens of thousands in the farther areas.
If several nuclear bombs explode, the smoke will rise, cover the atmosphere and relieve the sunlight of what may lead to the so-called “nuclear autumn”, where temperatures will decline, crops will be destroyed and mankind’s intervention in the era of “nuclear famine”, and if the volume of smoke increases, it will lead to the “nuclear winter”, which will freeze the Earth and kill everything.

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