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Where did the dispute between Pique and Shakira reached?

The dispute began weeks after the mysterious separation that occurred between Barcelona star Gerard Pique and the Colombian singer Shakira, and while close to the duo claimed that “money” was the reason behind the collapse of their relationship, while a source close to the famous star confirmed the truth of the matter, revealing at the same time about a legal dispute. another between them.

This is explained by a source close to Shakira’s family, during an interview with the Spanish website “EsDiario”, that the reason for the separation is purely economic, pointing out that Anbeke asked his partner a large amount of money to invest in a business, but her parents refused to mix their money, which caused tension in the relationship.

He also added that the duo is in legal dispute over child custody, as Pique wants legal guardianship of Milan and Sasha, so he took the first legal steps in this regard, while Shakira intends to transfer the two children with her to Miami, America, because she does not have many friends in Barcelona and wants to leave the city.

This came weeks after the international star and her ex-husband Pique officially announced their separation (in early June), after a 12-year relationship, wishing the media to preserve the privacy of the family and their two children.

Also, rumors spread from all sides about the Barcelona player’s betrayal of his girlfriend with a charming blonde hostess, without any of them commenting on the matter.

The relationship between the two, who met in the 2010 World Cup, resulted in two children.

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