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Where did the Russian-Chinese relationship reach?

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Zhang said on Tuesday that China resolutely opposes any form of hegemony and power politics, and opposes the Cold War mentality, confrontation between camps, suppression and containment.

He added during a press conference that with the domestic situation of the “Covid-19” epidemic turning for the better, China has steadily resumed its exchanges with foreign countries, and Chinese diplomacy has pressed the “accelerating button” and hit the “horn to mobilize.”

Zhang also noted that Beijing rejects disengagement, opposes cutting off industrial and supply chains, and rejects unilateral sanctions. Noting that developing countries should have a broader representation and a stronger voice in international affairs.

In the same context, the Chinese foreign minister stressed that trying to contain and suppress China will not make the United States great and will not prevent China’s rise. Stressing at the same time that this will make his country work to build large-scale partnerships and push a new type of international relations.

As for the Taiwanese crisis, Chen Jang stressed that no country has the right to interfere in the affairs of Taiwan, as the solution to the Taiwan issue is a matter for China, and noted that the real threat to stability in the Taiwan Strait is the presence of pro-independence forces from Beijing. Pointing out that the Taiwan crisis is the political basis for relations with the United States and a red line that should not be crossed.

The Chinese foreign minister also stressed that the more unrest in the world, the greater the need for Sino-Russian relations to move forward with steady steps.

Qin Jang said that the relationship between China and Russia does not pose a threat to any country, nor is it subject to any interference or disagreement by any third party. Pointing out that any currency used in trade between Beijing and Moscow must be safe and trustworthy.

As the Chinese minister pointed out, calm and rationality are currently essential to resolving the crisis in Ukraine. Calling for the need to start the dialogue as soon as possible.

The Chinese foreign minister stressed the need to respect the legitimate security concerns of all parties to this crisis

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