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Where is Cristiano’s new destination?

It is possible that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo will join the ranks of Bayern Munich next winter.

Where the Spanish newspaper revealed that despite the Bavarian club denying its interest in annexing Ronaldo by including Ronaldo this summer, things could be different next winter, especially since Senegalese star Sadio Mane did not adapt to the team, and after Bayern Munich lost to Augsburg 0-1 In the previous match in the German League, after 87 games in a row, he scored in the “Bundesliga”.

For his part, Ronaldo still wants to compete in the Champions League this season after his participation in the World Cup in Qatar, especially since Manchester United coach, Dutchman Eric Ten Hag, does not start with him in most matches.

According to the newspaper, Bayern Munich could hold talks with Ronaldo after the World Cup to reach an agreement that satisfies all parties.

As for Manchester United, it is asking 20 million euros to give up Ronaldo, and this is an amount that Bayern Munich can easily pay.

On the part of Ronaldo, he did not hide his interest in joining Bayern Munich this summer, where he could win the Champions League with this team.

As for the Bavarian team, it will get a player with great experience and a great ability to score, and he can pay his salary.

All this makes it possible for the Portuguese star to join Bayern Munich next winter

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