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Who is the model that Pique betrayed Shakira for?

The betrayal of the captain of the Barcelona team, Gerard Pique, with his wife, the Colombian singer, Shakira, led to their divorce after 12 years of marriage.
According to rumors, the Brazilian model, Susie Cortes, caused this divorce, after suspicions arose around her, of being the woman for whom Pique betrayed Shakira.
In an interview with an American media outlet, model Curtis stated that Pique sent her messages, some of which the girl did not like, and according to her, many of them were annoying.
As the Brazilian model said, “Pique was the only person who sent me a direct message and the only two players who didn’t send anything to me were Messi and Coutinho. They are wonderful husbands and respect their wives very much. Shakira does not deserve this.

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