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Who is the only survivor 2027?

During the past few days, social media platforms witnessed widespread controversy, following the circulation of publications and videos about an unidentified person claiming to be the only survivor in the world in 2027, through video clips dating back to last February.
The controversy revolved around an unidentified Spanish person named “Javier”, who has an account on “Tik Tok” entitled “The Only Survivor in 2027” and publishes videos of a world without humans.
The videos posted by this account have achieved millions of views, and are followed by about 5.6 million people, while the number of people who have liked the page has reached more than 26 million people.

The story of the “Lone Survivor in 2027” was widely spread last June, when Spanish media published a story saying that a company specialized in artistic production would convert the story into a television series of the same name.
It is noteworthy that the first date of the first video published by “the only survivor in the world” on his page dates back to last February, and it included clips from the Spanish city of Valencia, which is empty of humans.

And a Spanish website, in a report on the story of the lone survivor, which it published last June, indicated that the “Beta Spin” art production company will transform the story of “The Lone Survivor” into a television series, noting that the birth of that story was the site “Tik Tok”.

Beta Spin is a subsidiary of the German production and distribution company Beta Film.
The site says that the company pledged to turn that story into a series, noting that it will tell the story of a Spanish young man who woke up in a hospital to find himself the only survivor in the world in 2027, and that digital clocks and email accounts confirm that date.
According to the site, the drama of the series will revolve around discovering how he reached the “parallel reality”, why and what his mission is in that world, and how he can return to the current world with the help of his followers.
As Beta Spin says, “It’s an incredibly bizarre story, adventure, and science fiction that has caught the world’s attention thanks to his videos.”

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