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Who is Wael Kfoury’s girlfriend?

The Lebanese poet Habib Abu Antoun, a friend of the Lebanese artist Wael Kfoury, published a photo of a gathering
Wael Kfoury with a girl, through the story of his official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, and commented on her: “Oh, moon, shine astronomy, in the opinion of astronomers, the kingdom wants a king, and the king is a queen.”

Abu Antoun’s comment has a clear indication that the young woman who appeared with Wael in the photo is his girlfriend, and according to what was circulated on the social media, the young woman is “Shana Abboud” and that her relationship with Wael is not new.
What sparked more speculations about this relationship is that the Lebanese poet Habib Abu Antoun republished the news circulated by the press, which talks about his publication of Wael Kfoury and his girlfriend’s photo on his Facebook page.
Wael had separated from his wife, Angela Bishara, about two years ago, and Wael and Angela had two children, “Michelle” and “Milana”.
On the technical level, Wael had recently released the song “We Are All Munanger”, which is the lead of the series “Downtown” directed by Zuhair Qanoua, where the song achieved remarkable success and great viewership.
Recently, Wael, accompanied by the artist Elissa, performed a concert in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, where the concert was a great success.

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