Who is Yasser Jalal’s partner in Ramadan?

The artist, Yasser Jalal, revealed that the star Mai Omar is the first and only candidate for his participation in the championship of his new series, “A Legitimate Relationship”, which is scheduled to be shown in the Egyptian series for the month of Ramadan 2023, pointing out that the work was scheduled to be presented during the last Ramadan season, but it was postponed after his participation in the championship The third part of the selection series. .

Yasser Jalal added that during the work, it was written two years ago, and I would have entered it before the Choice 3 series, but it is a patriotic work. Therefore, the series “A Legal Relationship” was postponed for the current season.

He continued, saying: Despite the postponement of the work for two years, the heroine of the paper did not change, and she remained Mai Omar, and she is one of the bright stars who work on themselves and develop their skills, and I worked with her in the series “Al-Fatwa”, and she is a beautiful star and very committed to her attendance, appointments and roles.

Jalal also confirmed his happiness after his third collaboration with the author, Samah Al-Hariri, saying: This is my third work with the author, Samah Al-Hariri, and she is a great and outstanding author, and I am happy to cooperate with her, and the first work that brings me together with director Khaled Marei, but I am optimistic about him, and he is a talented director.

Yasser Jalal talked about the details of the series, saying: A legitimate relationship series is completely different from the rest of my work, and a new need for me, and I salute the United Company because it works with a bouquet of the most beautiful series and different colors.

As for the star Mai Omar, she talked about the second collaboration with Yasser Jalal during and said that one of the strongest roles that I played in my career was my role in the series Al-Fatwa with Yasser Jalal. Working with a smart and strong artist makes the artist see everything inside him, and on the human level I love working with him very much.

And she added: My name is in the series “A legitimate relationship with Buthaina”; The series contains unusual romantic relationships, and it is considered a romantic suspense, the most prominent of which is Anayaser Jalal, with a personality far from beating.

And she continued: When people see the series, they will say that these relationships happen around us and not far from us, and also solve problems and express feelings differently.

The events of the series take place in a social and dramatic framework, and it discusses thorny issues within Egyptian society, which emerged after the changes that occurred in recent years, and the star Yasser Jalal embodies the personality of a businessman married to Mai Omar, and because of an accident during the events, anxiety and tension seep into his life.

Participating in the series “A legitimate relationship” are: Yasser Jalal, May Omar, Murad Makram, Dalia Mustafa, Basant Shawqi, Mimi Jamal, and a number of other artists, and the work is written by Samah Hariri and directed by Khaled Marei.

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