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Who will be the successor to Hani Shaker, captain of musicians?

During the past hours, there was a lot of news about the artist and singer Ali El-Haggar’s intention to run for the position of captain of the musical professions in Egypt to succeed the prince of Arab singing, artist Hani Samer, after Shaker’s resignation on the air in a telephone interview with the media, Amr Adib, considering that his decision is final and irreversible, and wished the captain success. Then the position.

After the news spread that Ali El-Haggar was preparing to succeed Hani Shaker, the artist Ali El-Haggar issued an official statement in which he revealed the truth of his candidacy for the position of captain of musicians, stressing that he is “ready to serve his colleagues, but without that through a position.”

Ali Al-Hajjar also indicated in his statement that he “appreciates the calls for his candidacy for the position of captain of the musical professions, and is ready to serve the syndicate with everything he owns and whatever he is capable of, without being linked to any official position.”

The General Federation of the three artistic unions (acting professions, musical professions, and film professions) had rejected the resignation of artist Hani Shaker, from the position of head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, asking him to start his work and retract his decision.

The General Federation of Technical Syndicates followed up on the unfortunate events that did not befit the ancient history of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, which included pioneers of great creators such as Kawkab Al Sharq Umm Kulthum and the musician of generations Muhammad Abdel Wahab and other creators in the musical professions that affected the conscience of the Arab peoples and even extended their impact to the scientist”

The statement also confirmed, “The union rejected the resignation of the artist Hani Shaker, and supported him with all forms of support that preserve his proper position in him as a great artist who was able to take a prominent position among creators in the field of singing.”

Hani Shaker also indicated that he was “honored to be the successor to a group of art giants in the Arab world, including the artist Umm Kulthum, and the musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab.”

A verbal altercation erupted between the Musicians’ Division of the Egyptian Syndicate of Musical Professions, during the press conference held on Monday in a Cairo hotel, which prompted Captain Hani Shaker to withdraw from the conference, which was later canceled.

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