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Why did Messi lie down in the Paris-City match?

Fans of Argentine star Lionel Messi watched a movement that the flea had not done before throughout his years in his former club Barcelona, ​​which is lying on the ground behind the blocking wall during a direct free kick shot by the English team Man City during the Champions League match.
Messi fans and the international press were surprised by this movement and wondered who gave the order to Messi to do so.
Referring to the scenes of the match, the Paris Saint-Germain captain ordered Messi to lie behind the blocking wall, while coach Pochettino revealed after the match that he had assigned this job to the Argentine star.
Looking into why Messi agreed to this job, despite having someone of less technical value than him, Messi is ready to do anything to help his new team win the Champions League for the first time in its history.

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