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Why did Mohamed Ramadan get angry at a hotel manager?

Artist Mohamed Ramadan appeared on social media in a controversial video clip in which Oho appeared to be getting angry at a hotel manager while he was at a suhoor party at the hotel after the hotel manager asked the workers to turn off the microphone on Ramadan after he went up to the stage to speak to the audience, who asked him to sing.
Ramadan appeared in the video directing his words in a calm manner to the hotel manager, asking him to reveal to him the reason for his request to turn off the sound, stressing that he knows that the matter is not in his hands, but he wants to know the reason behind that.
Ramadan then said to the hotel manager: “Mr. hotel manager, I know that he has been robbed of your presence, but why do you want to turn off the sound? Why did you come to us? I know that an order is coming to you. Shut down because Muhammad Ramadan is here.”… Then Ramadan became angry, shouting at the hotel manager: “Why? I want to know one reason.”

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