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Why didn’t China comment on the TikTok ban?

The Chinese authorities have remained silent and have not said a word since last Wednesday, which raised the level of questions about the reasons. After the closure of Tik Tok in America

Note that Chinese officials in the past described these American maneuvers against TikTok as an attempt to suppress a successful Chinese company and an example of American hypocrisy.

But the scene changed a few days ago, as when they were asked repeatedly about the new US embargo law, they did not attack Washington, and merely pointed out that they had previously announced their position in the past.

It seems that Beijing took into account Blinken’s visit, which concluded yesterday, Friday, and did not want to escalate and create a charged atmosphere in front of the American guest, according to what the Wall Street Journal reported.

Informed sources confirmed that this famous application has less strategic value for China than Huawei.

It also considered that Beijing does not view it as of great importance in its quest to become an industrial and technological power.

However, with Beijing refraining from publicly commenting on the US embargo in recent days, the Communist Party’s propaganda department did not miss the opportunity to use the issue to stir up feelings locally against the United States.

He sent his instructions to state-owned media outlets to prepare reports on TikTok’s problems in the United States, which were naturally directed at ByteDance, according to people familiar with the matter.

It is noteworthy that ByteDance had explicitly announced yesterday that it would not accept selling the application to investors in the United States.

While sources familiar with this file explained that the Chinese company prefers to close the application rather than sell it, pointing out that the closure will have a limited impact on ByteDance’s business, while the company will not be forced to abandon the “basic algorithms,” which are the most important to it.

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