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Will Biden and Trump be drug tested?

A new opinion poll revealed that a large majority of American voters support drug testing for President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, ahead of the upcoming presidential debates.
According to the poll conducted by the Daily Mail newspaper, 70% of participants believe that both candidates should undergo a drug test before their confrontation on June 27 and September 10.
The poll showed that 18% of people believe drug tests are unnecessary, while 12% are not sure.
The topic gained momentum following Trump’s claims, that Biden was under the “influence of something” during his State of the Union address in March.
The 81-year-old Biden, the oldest president in history, has often been criticized for verbal errors and occasional stumbles at public events.
Earlier this year, a report by special counsel Robert Hoare described President Biden as “a well-intentioned elderly man with a weak memory.”
White House officials said Biden’s State of the Union address was vital and was evidence of his ability to serve another term. However, critics speculated that the president may have used stimulants to maintain his energy during the hour-long speech.
Official White House medical records contradict these claims, showing that Biden only takes common medications for allergies, heartburn and to prevent blood clots.
While Mr. Biden’s energy level remains under scrutiny, Trump, who turns 78 next week, also faces questions about his suitability for another term in office.
Critics highlight his speeches and often stuttering and incoherent appearance as evidence of his potential age-related issues.

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