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Will Casemiro leave Madrid?

Brazilian press reports revealed that Real Madrid opened the door for the departure of the Brazilian midfielder Casemiro, during the upcoming summer transfers.

The management of the Spanish club was, until recently, confirming that Casemiro is one of the non-negotiable players, to face any offer from any team in the world during the last period.
But the situation has changed recently, especially in recent months, as it is not possible to be sure that the Brazilian player will stay with the Spanish capital, Madrid, during the next season.

The Brazilian website confirmed that Real Madrid, for the first time since 2015, is ready to discuss any offer that arrives to include Casemiro during the upcoming summer transfers.
Who are the clubs interested in joining?
The Brazilian website also added that the French club Paris Saint-Germain and the Italian club Juventus are the most interested in signing the Brazilian star Casemiro.
Real Madrid is looking for an alternative to Casemiro, as it will try to sign Newcastle star Bruno Guimaraes, or Aurelien Chuamini, the French star of Monaco.
Casemiro won the Spanish League title last Saturday, four rounds before the end of the tournament, and the team has a match next Wednesday in the Champions League semi-final against Manchester City, to determine the qualifier for the final match.

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