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Will Iran withdraw more of its forces from Syria?

The Israeli strikes on Syria, which primarily target Iranian presence sites, aim to reduce its presence on Syrian territory, as it is present in various areas located on the borders with Israel and Jordan.

In this context, an American researcher considered Iran’s transfer of a number of its military leaders from southern Syria to be merely a “repositioning” and not a withdrawal or reduction in the number of Iranian ground forces.

Nicholas Heras, chief security researcher at the American New Lines Institute, said that the Iranian forces’ evacuation of the southern Syrian region and their withdrawal from sites in the Damascus countryside, Daraa, and Quneitra during the past weeks means that “the Revolutionary Guard is repositioning its direct presence in Syria as a result of regional pressure and Israeli strikes against it in Syria.” “.

He also believed that “it is possible that the presence of the Revolutionary Guard in Syria will decline, reducing the number of its forces, but it will have alternatives to fill this void,” as he put it.

The American expert revealed that “the Revolutionary Guard will likely use experienced Iraqi fighters instead of its withdrawn elements to avoid losing more of its officers who were killed in the recent Israeli strikes inside Syria.”

The academic director of the Center for Iranian Studies, Nabil Al-Atoum, agrees with the American expert on describing the Iranian forces’ evacuation of areas in southern Syria as a “repositioning,” as they put it.

Al-Atoum said, “The Iranians have another goal from the repositioning leaks. Tehran previously announced that it had withdrawn its important advisors from Syria, but the Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate proved the opposite after the killing of first-ranking leaders in the Revolutionary Guard. This means that the news of the Iranian withdrawal or retreat From some Syrian regions, its goal is to mislead public opinion because the Iranians realize that they cannot withdraw their leaders or militia members.”

He also added, “Iran considers its influence and military presence in Syria to be a strategic factor and an important strategic point because it represents the meeting point for its project and the continuation of military, logistical, and intelligence supply lines through the so-called transit journey to the Mediterranean, which extends from Iran to Iraq, then Syria and Lebanon.”

He said: “Therefore, I believe that what is happening is nothing more than a redeployment.”

In addition, he stressed that Tehran “considers Syria a front line and an important arena for defending its vital space and is using it to blackmail the United States and an arena for exchanging messages with adversaries such as the Israeli side, to achieve the greatest amount of strategic and economic gains and also with regard to facilitating its mission in putting this file on the table to achieve greater achievement.” Some gains in the nuclear talks, and all of this means that it will not withdraw from Syria.”

But Tehran only talks about advisors assisting government forces in areas located on the borders with Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel.

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