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Will Kazem El Saher be in Damascus soon?

The artist Kazem El Saher has returned to his activity in concerts and events. After his tours in Arab countries, and from there to the United States and Canada, the Caesar agreed to hold a party for him in the Syrian capital, Damascus. The information said that negotiations with Al-Saher began some time ago, and he gave his consent a few days ago, as the media adopted the news, and websites began publishing details about the news.

The concert will be held inside the Syrian Opera House, and it seems that the contractor will try in various ways to ensure the presence of the largest number of audience in the same house, after people flocked to ask about the tickets for the ceremony.

It was one of the rare times that Al-Saher sings in Damascus after the war, and it seems that Damascus attracts a group of Arab artists, not the last of them Al-Saher.

This is in addition to a set of honors, but El-Saher has not yet given his approval for any additional activity or activity other than his concert at the Opera House; he is already known for his reservations about that.

On the other hand, it seems that Al-Saher is preparing to release a new one at the beginning of next year, and according to what we know there is a new poem ready for release, as well as working on new songs that will be released later.

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