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Will Scotland turn its election to independence?

The Prime Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, announced today, Wednesday, that the upcoming general elections in the United Kingdom will be turned into a “de facto” vote on independence.

Where Sturgeon’s statements came in response to the decision of the Supreme Court in Britain that Scotland is not eligible to vote on independence and to stop its attempt to hold a new referendum without the consent of London.

Sturgeon also explained that the ruling from the High Court in London reveals the truth of the view that Scotland can leave the United Kingdom voluntarily.

Sturgeon, who leads the Scottish National Party, said she respected the court’s decision, but accused Westminster of showing “contempt” for Scotland’s democratic will, noting that her government would consider using a UK election scheduled for early 2025 as a “de facto referendum” on secession after more than a year. From 300 years.

It is noteworthy that the Supreme Court in the United Kingdom had ruled, today, Wednesday, that the Scottish authorities are not entitled to hold a new referendum on independence without the consent of the United Kingdom government.

The Chief Justice, Lord Reid, also stated, in press statements, that the Scottish Parliament does not have the power to legislate in matters reserved for the Parliament of the United Kingdom, including union.

A referendum was also held in September 2014, in which Scotland voted to remain within the United Kingdom by 55% against 45%. The Scottish National Party, which supports independence, became a major political force when it won a majority in the Scottish Parliament at the 2011 election.

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