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Will the Sino-American war begin?

There are possibilities of a military confrontation between the United States of America and China, and this could happen for several reasons, most notably the Taiwan crisis.

As Washington continues its military support for Taiwan, Beijing confirms that it will not hesitate to use military force to unify its territory, in reference to the possibility of Taiwan separating from Beijing with US support.

Since China’s use of military force against Taiwan could lead to a military confrontation with the United States of America,

The report pointed out that the small island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean could be the starting point for the start of the military confrontation between America and China, noting that it would be the “Pearl Harbor” of the 21st century, in reference to the Japanese attack on the port that led Washington to enter World War II.

The report also indicated that if China realized that war with the United States had become inevitable, the starting point for the war would be on the island of “Guam”, noting that Beijing would attack it to deprive Washington of possessing a huge military force at the beginning of the war.

The report says that China’s military doctrine relies on the so-called “major strike” that aims to paralyze the enemy’s ability to mobilize a huge military force at the beginning of the war, which could lead it to attack the island of Guam, which will deprive Washington of the use of strategic bombers and naval units located on the island. In addition to cutting its supply lines in the early stages of the war.

A few days ago, China announced that it would respond firmly to any provocations by separatists who support the so-called “Taiwan independence”, as described by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, which emphasized the island’s peaceful reunification with mainland China under the principle of “one country, two systems.”

China also announced that the Taiwan Strait no longer represents part of international waters, which angered Washington, whose warships frequently cross the strait as international waters.

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