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Will the truce collapse in Gaza? Urgent statement by the Palestinian factions in Gaza

The Palestinian factions in Gaza announced in a joint statement that they are monitoring the Israeli army’s violations of the ongoing truce in Gaza, which has been extended for two additional days, calling on the Israeli side to adhere to the agreement under which the ceasefire took place.
The factions expressed their appreciation for the Qatari and Egyptian efforts, with a call to stop the “brutal war on Gaza.” The statement also included an appeal to the Egyptian side to receive a larger number of the wounded for treatment in Egyptian territory.
Media outlets reported this morning that Israeli tanks fired shells at the outskirts of the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood and the Beach Camp, northwest of the Gaza Strip.
The Hamas movement called, in a statement on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, corresponding to tomorrow, November 29, to “escalate all forms of mass movement” to reject and denounce the Israeli aggression against Gaza.

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