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With inflation rising, Americans are struggling for food

The consumer research company Attest published a report noting an increase in the percentage of Americans struggling to buy food, according to what was reported by the Washington Times daily. The study concluded that most Americans are struggling to buy food with the high inflation rate in the country.

The study indicated that 59.5% of 2,000 working-age adults selected for a poll between July 12 and 19 said they struggle to buy food at least some of the time.

According to the report, food and beverage consumption in the United States is in a “transitional state.” It also showed that 85.5% of survey participants prefer to cook at home, and 53% said that they get ready-made food from restaurants and delivery services at least once a month.

The US Department of Labor said that the consumer price index, one of the main components of measuring the inflation rate, jumped by 3.7% on an annual basis, noting that in July the index had recorded an increase of 3.2% on an annual basis.

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