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With the participation of the three presidents.. the start of the Iraqi elections

Early legislative elections in Iraq started on Sunday morning, with the participation of the President of the Iraqi Republic, Barham Salih, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi.
The leaders of the Iraqi political alliances and religious sects joined the three presidents in the voting process to give impetus to the polling process, which is the first of its kind under the new election law, and the first early elections to be held since 2003.
Iraqis are counting on these elections to form a corruption-free parliament, which in turn will lead to the formation of a government capable of advancing Iraq from its current situation. Al-Kazemi had confirmed, after his participation in the vote, that the current Iraqi government was able, despite all the difficulties, to advance the economic situation and fill the treasury with $12 billion, after Iraq was a “bankrupt country.”

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