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With whom did Wael Kfoury meet at his concerts?

The artist Wael Kfoury participated in many concerts during the past months that were held in more than one Arab and foreign country, and in more than one party the Lebanese star Kabir participated in its revival. Riyad, Haifa Wehbe, and finally the artist Nawal Al Zoghbi, who performed with him a concert in the Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, at Al Majaz Theatre.

Nawal Al Zoghbi went to the artist Wael Kfoury’s room during their concert at Al Majaz Theater in the Emirate of Sharjah in the UAE, where the Lebanese artist shook hands with her colleague and performed for him the song “Party”, one of the most famous songs she released in the recent period, to express her happiness at meeting the great Lebanese star who received her with a standing ovation. And he expressed his longing for her and her look. The meeting of the artist Wael Kfoury and Nawal Al Zoghbi in front of the cameras attracted the public’s attention on the social media because of the friendship that the duo had over the past decades, in addition to their famous song “Min Habibi Anna”, which was released in the nineties, which was one of the reasons for the duo’s fame together. Wael Kfoury and Nawal Al Zoghbi presented in their concert on Al Majaz Theater a group of songs that won the admiration of the audience who attended the ceremony.

Wael Kfoury also met the Iraqi star Rahma Riad, who participated in the revival of a concert in Turkey, and the duo had met before this meeting with a second concert in Qatar, but their meeting in their first concert was different, as the Lebanese artist spontaneously expressed his admiration for Rahma Riad’s performance in the ceremony, and that During a meeting that brought them together behind the scenes and was monitored by the cameras, the star Wael Kfoury wished that Rahma Riad would continue her path and the success that she had achieved over the past period, through her concerts or the works she launched and some of them achieved great success. At a time when Rahma Riad expressed her thanks for the kind words of the Lebanese star.

Wael Kfoury also met in the Emirate of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, with the artist Haifa Wehbe, who participated with him in reviving the ceremony, where the duo met behind the scenes of the ceremony and each other’s welcome to the other was dominated by warmth, and the duo indicated the extent of their appreciation for each other, and that they had not met for a long time. But love always controls their relationship, and Haifa confirmed that she had not met Wael Kfoury for nearly two years due to the Corona virus crisis, which caused the suspension of many artistic activities for a while, and that this meeting is the first for them for a long time, and also the first after the accident that Wael Kfoury suffered.

Wael Kfoury is also experiencing various successes at the level of the singing works that he presented, in addition to the state of continuous activity and participation in the revival of many concerts in the past period, some of which were in many Arab and foreign countries, where the Lebanese star participated in a singing tour in the United States of America in the weeks The past, then he revived his last concert in the Emirates, and there was more than one prominent party for the star Elissa in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and he is expected to perform a new concert in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi on November 19.

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