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World Health Organization calls for increasing taxes on certain types of drinks for this reason

The World Health Organization said that increasing taxes on wine and sugar-sweetened beverages could prevent the death of 10 million people annually due to their excessive consumption.

The international call came in a technical guidance booklet on tax policies on alcoholic beverages, and an analysis of the official policies followed in this regard, which stated that “those taxes are considered a win-win policy for all parties because they will save many lives and prevent many diseases, in addition to promoting equality and providing revenues.” for public budgets.”

The organization described the selective tax policy as the most effective tax measure to protect health because it raises the prices of harmful products relative to other goods, noting that the tax should be based on the amount of harm from consuming the product rather than its value.

Alcohol is excluded from taxes in 22 countries around the world, most of them European countries, while 148 other countries in the world impose taxes on it.

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