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World Health warns of spread of deadly disease

The World Health Organization has warned of the spread of a new disease between humans after spreading among animals, as the transmission of the virus is considered possible.
FAO is deeply concerned about the spread of avian influenza, caused by type A influenza viruses, in humans after the outbreak again in animals.
The current outbreak of avian influenza began in 2020 and has killed tens of millions of poultry, and also infected wild birds as well as land and marine mammals.
The virus has made an alarming leap to new living species, such as cows, cats and seals, over the past few months, a surprising development for experts because these animals were not expected to be susceptible to this type of flu.
Now the transmission of the virus to humans is recorded, which increases the likelihood that it will become more transmissible, as scientists confirm that it is more deadly than Corona.

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