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Yasmine Rais is the highest watched player in Egypt.

Show only 4 episodes of the series “60 Minutes” by Yasmine Rais

The series has occupied Trend No. 1 on the platform, and topped the list of the most watched in Egypt, with dozens of positive comments that it has received since the launch of its first episode until now, in addition to the complete understanding between the series’ heroes, Yasmine Rais and Mahmoud Nasr.
The fourth episode of the series ended after a nervous breakdown for Yasmine (Yasmine Rais), which made her throw herself from the car while her husband, Adham (Mahmoud Nasr), quarrels with her, and her picture spread in the red dress designated for execution. The series is scheduled to continue its episodes next Wednesday at 11 pm.
Yasmine Rais has also caught attention since the first teaser of the series was shown, which revealed a state of pain and fear experienced by the heroine of the series, Yasmine Rais, in an atmosphere of mystery, so we do not know if she suffers from a mental illness or something else.
As the word suicide was repeated more than once during the announcement, and also after psychological conflicts and wars with time, we do not yet understand their dimensions, but can we conclude that these conflicts may push Yasmine to commit suicide in the end?
Yasmine commented on the teaser for the series through her account on the Instagram website, saying: Time is very slow for those who wait.. Too long for those who suffer.. Too short for those who celebrate. Wait.
The series “60 Minutes” consists of 9 episodes, and its events revolve in a framework of excitement and suspense, and Yasmine Raeis is co-starring with the stars Mahmoud Nasr, Sherine Reda, Sawsan Badr, and it is written by Muhammad Hisham Obeya, and directed by Maryam Ahmadi.
On the other hand, Yasmine Rais is waiting for the premiere of her movie “Moon 14” as part of the activities of the fifth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, as well as her movie “Neighbor of the Moon”, which she finished filming some time ago, and with which she returns to the cinematic championship after her great success during the Ramadan season with the character “Faten” in The series “The Kings of Al-Jada’na”.

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