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Yasmine Sabry and the marriage official deny rumors about divorce amounts

The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabry, and her marriage official from her wealthy ex-husband, Muhammad Abu Hashima, denied what was rumored about the costs of divorce.
Sabri said that these numbers are just rumors circulated by news sites and are baseless, stressing that no dowry or dowry was recorded between them, but Abu Hashima was generous with her and received a large number of gifts from him.
And many news sites had previously published, on the authority of the authorized person, that the total cost of the separation of Abu Hashima and Yasmine was 236 million pounds, as the backside was 15 million, as well as a villa in the community worth 77 million, two cars worth 12 million, and jewelry with a price of 138 million, And an apartment worth 54 million.

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