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Yasmine Sabry is waiting for Ahmed Ezz

Yasmine Sabry is waiting to finish Ahmed Ezz’s training for his new character within the events of the movie “Saqr Al-Mahrousa”, which is scheduled to bring them together for the first time in her artistic career. But what is the truth about Ahmed Ezz abandoning the project? This is what we will reveal through the report

Hours ago, the makers of the movie “Saqr Al-Mahrousa” were surprised by a lot of news that the preparations for the work had stopped and the producer had abandoned the project permanently due to the huge production, which the writer of the work denied in his statements, stressing that the work is still in progress and the preparations are continuing. On the contrary, the hero of the events Ahmed Ezz is busy Currently, this huge movie is scheduled to start shooting in the coming period.

For her part, Yasmine Sabry is waiting for Ezz to finish the trainings for the movie “Saqr Al-Mahrousa”, especially that it will embody the character of a knight from the Islamic era within the work events, to start filming her scenes, where a strong love story is scheduled to unite them within the events.

On the other hand, Yasmine Sabry is filming her scenes in the events of the “Shader” series, in which she embodies the character of a popular girl working inside a fish shade.

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