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Yasmine Sabry returns to the cinema

The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabry, returned to the cinema screen again, by co-starring in the movie “Abu Nasab” with the two stars, Mohamed Imam and Maged El-Kedwany.

Thus, it becomes the third “Abu Nasab” movie that brings together Yasmine Sabry and Muhammad Imam, after the films “Hell in India” in 2016 and “Night Hanawsrour” in 2018.

The film “Abu Nasab” also brings together Muhammad Imam with his brother, director Rami Imam, for the second time, after the movie “Hassan and Morcos” produced in 2008.

And Yasmine Sabry had recently revealed that she had begun filming a work without clarifying what the work was, and published pictures through her Instagram account, arousing the enthusiasm of the audience is her upcoming work.

And the movie “Abu Nasab”, a script and dialogue by Ayman Wattar, directed by Ramy Imam, produced by Ahmed Al-Ganaini, and starring Muhammad Imam, Yasmine Sabry and Majed Al-Kadwani.

The work team is currently holding intensive work sessions to find out the final details of the film, in preparation for starting filming after the upcoming month of Ramadan, especially since Muhammad Imam wants to finish filming the film as soon as possible, so that he can begin preparations for his new series in Ramadan 2024.

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