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Yasmine Sabry reveals a surprise

The artist, Yasmine Sabry, spoke on a television program about the rumors that she was exposed to in the recent period, in addition to her acting performance and some criticism of her artistically.

And about the rumors that she is exposed to, Yasmine said: “Rumors are accustomed to them from my early days and deal with them if I do not have a reaction, and I have been wondering how to be preoccupied with people because of the trend, because this remains a divine need from our Lord, the attention of people without any speck of hatred or violence. This will make my life longer.”

She also responded to the criticism that she is subjected to because of her way of presenting artworks and the style of her representation, and she said: You look at all my works and know what is wrong, what did I do wrong, and I am frank with myself and not biased towards me.

As she spoke about love, Yasmine said: “Love is beautiful when it comes from the right person.”

Where, in response to a question, what is the most thankful thing to God for being far from it? She said: “Brutal friends, one attacking the owners and then meeting their treatment is not the best thing, or it was a one-sided friendship, and with people who do not talk and talk to you.”

In response to a question: Do you suffer from loneliness in your life? She said, “I am a closed person, and I do not talk about my personal matters, but I am not alone.”

As for childbearing, she said: “Children are very beautiful, and it is necessary when a person decides to respond to children that he is psychologically prepared and his home is psychologically prepared for the child, without nervousness, loud voice and drama.”

She also responded to the question, “Do you want someone to tell you, Mama?” She said: “Let it be a surprise, this is something I can’t talk about.”

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