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Yasser Al-Azma responds to a big rumor against him

The mighty Syrian star, Yasser Al-Azma, denied
The news circulated by pages on the social networking site “Facebook”, which said that Al-Azma had died of a heart attack at his residence in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Al-Azma posted, through his official account on the “Instagram” website, a comment in which he confirmed that he is fine and in good health, and said: “My loved ones, a false rumor is spreading about me, but with God’s help I live, and with my love for you and your love for me, I live a comfortable life.”
Many of the Syrian star’s colleagues were quick to deny the rumor through their social media accounts.
On the other hand, on the technical level, Yasser is waiting for his series to be shown on “Abu Dhabi” channel on the seventeenth of this October. It was written by Yasser Al-Azma and directed by Khairy Bishara. A group of stars from Syria and the Arab world participate in the work, including Abed Fahd, Gerges Jbara, Dima Al-Jundi, and stars from The Arab world.
The work was scheduled to be shown last Ramadan, but time constraints and the continuation of technical operations prevented the show in Ramadan, so the series was postponed.
Rumors of death had pursued a large number of Syrian stars during the recent period, the last of which was against Mayada Al-Hanawi and Sabah Fakhri, before the news was denied.

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