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Yemen attacks American destroyer “Eisenhower” with ballistic missiles

Yemen’s Ansar Allah spokesperson Brigadier General Yahya Quick announced the targeting of the American destroyer Eisenhower in the Red Sea in response to the American-British raids targeting Hodeidah at dawn today.
“The raids on Hodeidah resulted in 16 martyrs and 41 wounded,” Sareb said in a statement.
He confirmed that the raids targeted civilian sites such as the Hodeidah Radio and Coast Guard building in Salif port, where commercial vessels were damaged.
“The American-British raids targeted civilian objects, a flagrant violation of international laws and a full-fledged war crime.”
In response to the United States-British attack, it was announced that the missile and naval force had carried out a joint military operation targeting the United States aircraft carrier “Eisenhower” in the Red Sea.
He added: “The operation in support of Gaza and in response to the aggression was carried out with a number of winged and ballistic missiles and the injury was accurate and direct.”

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