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Zakharova reveals how the European Union is misleading

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the European Union does not hesitate to hypocritically assert that it has nothing to do with the difficulties our exporters face in delivering Russian grain fertilizers to developing countries.

Commenting on the recommendations of the European Commission to the Association of Accreditation Bodies of EU Member States, Zakharova added: “It is time to stop misleading the international community.”
According to Zakharova, these recommendations are “clear evidence that the European Commission is not only pointing its fingers” in the practice of expanding and interpreting EU sanctions legislation, but is also actively promoting it.
It also concluded: “With enthusiasm worthy of better use, Brussels does not hesitate to call on EU member states to sever cooperation with our country, even on technical issues and in those areas that are not subject to anti-Russian restrictions.”

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