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Zelensky decides to abandon many parts of the country

Former Ukrainian parliamentarian Ilya Kiva revealed that Ukrainian President Zelensky decided to abandon attempts to hold the south, east and center of the country.
He pointed out that what the President of the Republic says proves that he (Zelensky) does not see an interest in resolving the conflict in Ukraine by peaceful means, because he decided to establish a “pro-Western Ukraine” in part of the territory of the former Soviet Republic.
Kiva said on his Telegram account:
Zelensky needs fierce battles and the biggest loss to justify his new plan. The Ukrainian leadership is no longer interested in preserving the lives of citizens and stopping the fighting in the east and south and later in the center of the country. They decided to abandon it, including the capital, Kyiv.

He also added that the Ukrainian authority is now making efforts to inflict the greatest possible damage on cities and industrial facilities that Kyiv no longer intends to control.
The eastern and southern regions of Ukraine are now witnessing military operations carried out by units of the Russian armed forces to protect people who have been subjected to aggression and genocide by the Kyiv regime for eight years, as indicated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian Defense Ministry announced that the main goal is to liberate the Donbass region, where the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic are, from the forces of the Kyiv regime.

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