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A common habit that makes fast food very dangerous

Russian nutrition expert Dr. Olga Loshbenkova warned against resorting to heating fast food in general and fried potatoes in particular, which were prepared in advance, to eat them hot the next day, according to what was reported by the Russian Sputnik news agency.

According to Dr. Olga, fast food and stale fried potatoes, in addition to being meals that are not beneficial to health, carry additional risks when heated again, due to the appearance of additional harmful substances. This is because when meals such as shawarma, hamburgers, french fries, and other meals that contain proteins are heated, they change. Their structure makes it difficult for the body to absorb them, especially fried potatoes, which pose a danger when they are fresh or when heated, because frying starchy materials in a large amount of oil leads to the formation of carcinogenic acrylamide compounds.

According to Dr. Olga, the solution also does not lie in eating these foods cold and without heating, because that may also lead to bacterial infection. It is necessary to know how long these foods have been left out of the refrigerator because the sauces generally used in these meals are considered a fertile ground for bacteria to form, and avoid eating These foods after a period of preparation.

In general, fast food generally does not contain any beneficial or nutritious vitamins or minerals if it is fresh, and people only get large calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates from it, so what if they are heated?

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