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A duet by Kaiser Kazem El Saher

The song, which brings together artist Kazem El-Saher and artist Balqis Fathi, is close to seeing the light, because after years of its announcement and anticipation for 5 years, Emirati composer Fayez Al-Saeed revealed that this “duet” that he composed himself will soon be presented to the public.

The Emirati composer, Fayez Saeed, said during an interview with “The Insider in Arabic” program, that the duet, which bore the name “People of Love,” which brought together artist Kazem El Saher and artist Belqis, was recorded in 2017, but with the circumstances that occurred in the region in addition to the Corona pandemic that Hit the whole world has been postponed.

He also continued, that the song did not initially carry the idea of ​​a duet, but with his composing of it more than once, he found that the last tune fits perfectly with the voice of Belqis and Kazem… adding, “You will hear something that has a very beautiful harmony in the voices.”

In addition, he went on to say, that he has nearly 50 songs for more than one star in the Arab world that have not been released yet despite the completion of their recording.

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