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A “hard-worded” message from Ethiopia to the international community

Amidst the intensification of the fighting between the Ethiopian army and the forces of the Tigray region demanding independence, and after the United Nations and many international human rights organizations expressed their concern over the recent military developments in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, sent a “strongly worded” message to the international community..

As Abe issued a statement asking “the international community not to interfere in the internal affairs of Ethiopia,” stressing that “Ethiopia is able to deal with its own internal affairs,” rejecting any external interference. In his statement, Abe added, “We appreciate the concerns and advice of our friends, but we reject any interference in our internal affairs. Accordingly, we urge the international community to refrain from any unwelcome and illegal interference and to respect the basic principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of others under international law.”

“.. He continued, “One of the basic principles of international law is the principle of non-interference in the affairs of sovereign states, as stipulated in the Charter of the United Nations,” calling on the international community to “leave its government to manage its internal affairs and crises,” explaining that “external interference contributes to increasing tensions in the country and escalating civil war.” ..

Note that, in the development of the field situation, a large number of Tigrayans began to surrender before the end of the 72-hour deadline granted to them by the Ethiopian army, despite the fact that the leader of the Ethiopian Tigray region, Debarsion Jabramikael, said that his people are “ready to die” in defense of their homeland, refusing Warning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to surrender within 72 hours.

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