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A major disaster in Ethiopia

Although the conflict between Ethiopia and Tigray has not yet completed its first month, the country is on the verge of a major catastrophe, as evidenced by global reports, warning it before the disaster strikes, and not being able to get out easily.

Reports said that this catastrophe represented an unprecedented humanitarian and health disaster in that region, which suffers from weak measures to combat the worst outbreaks of the new Corona virus in Africa, and that local humanitarian services may reach a breaking point.

As tens of thousands of people fleeing the conflict between Tigrayan forces and Ethiopian federal forces crossed into neighboring Sudan, where the number of people infected with Coronavirus and other viruses and other diseases nationwide is rapidly rising.

More than 45,000 refugees from the Tigrayan conflict are now living in remote parts of Sudan, where they have taken refuge in overcrowded camps without testing or treatment capabilities for the Coronavirus.

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