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A new Jordanian convoy to Syria

The arrival of a Jordanian relief convoy to the Syrian lands, in coordination between the armies of the two countries… Video

A Jordanian relief aid convoy entered the Syrian territories, on its way to those affected by the earthquake that struck northwestern Syria last Monday.

As this convoy of aid provided by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, its entry was coordinated between the Syrian and Jordanian Arab armies, through the Nassib border crossing between the two countries.

The shipment includes 7 trucks carrying relief materials such as blankets, blankets and mattresses.

The convoy was received by the activists of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Daraa, with the support of the activists of the Egyptian Red Crescent, in preparation for transporting the trucks to their destinations and delivering them to the people of the affected Syrian governorates.

The shipment was received at the Nassib border crossing, by the Jordanian Consul at the Jordanian Embassy in Damascus, Dr. Anwar Al-Beddawi.

In coordination between the armies of the two countries, a Jordanian relief convoy enters the Syrian territories

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