A strange event in the sky of Japan

Residents of western Japan were surprised by a strange event that lit the sky with a huge glow, which some described as the glow of the sky in two halves, and activists circulated on social media a video clip showing the incident, which appeared as a huge glowing ball crossing the sky of Hyogo Prefecture, in the west of the country.

The cameras of the Japanese NHK channel in the prefectures of Hyogo, Mai and Aichi, documented the incident, and the video published by the channel showed a fireball that fell and ignited with a small explosion and then disappeared in the dark of night.

The Director of the Municipal Planetarium in Hyogo Prefecture emphasized that it is very rare to see this event, stressing that it is difficult to observe the usually naked eye of fireballs whose brightness exceeds the glare of Venus.

Residents of the provinces, who witnessed the accident, posted videos on their pages, confirming that the fall of the glowing ball was accompanied by a sound that resembles an explosion.

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