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Abed Mahfouz announces the transfer of his fashion house from Lebanon

Against the background of the economic and political crisis that Lebanon is going through at this stage, the famous Lebanese fashion designer Abd Mahfouz announced the transfer of his fashion house from his country, Lebanon, to Dubai.

Mahfouz revealed his decision through a post that is not without grief about the conditions in Lebanon, the state of frustration that the Lebanese are experiencing, and a glimmer of even a slight hope for a recovering nation ..

He posted on his official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, saying: “When it becomes The homeland is a cemetery of dreams, and our lives become hostages to those who tamper with our destiny. The Abed Mahfouz fashion house will be transferred to Dubai, provided that a small part will remain in Beirut, due to the conditions that Lebanon is going through. We are sure to return again with the birth of a new homeland.

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