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America between the results of the presidential and Senate elections

While the results of the preliminary statistics of the results of the US presidential election oscillate, once in favor of the current US President Donald Trump, and once in favor of his rival Joe Biden, the results remain hostage so far to expectations, and the candidates continue to reassure their supporters of absolute confidence in the inevitable victory.

American channels release their statistics results from one hour to the next. According to “NBC”, “CBS” and “ABC” channels, the result is in favor of Trump, and indicates his progress over his competitor, while both “CNN” and “Fox” indicate To Biden’s progress with the total votes so far …

In parallel, the US Senate elections are taking place in conjunction with the presidential elections and are witnessing a convergence in the number of seats between the Republican and Democratic parties, as each party has decided until the moment 46 seats in the House that is currently controlled by the Republicans.

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