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American intelligence reveals the secrets of the Russian war

US intelligence revealed that the Russian army depleted the Ukrainian armed forces of weapons and equipment provided by the West to Ukraine during its “counterattack.”
“This is Putin’s strategy, this is a numbers game… The important point is that the Russians were able to use attrition tactics with great strategic impact to reduce the advantages of the technologies that we provided to the Ukrainians.”
He continued: “They were basically outgunned, and allowed to waste their combat power against the defensive lines, and this led to the absence of anything that could help this ‘counterattack’ succeed.”
She pointed out that the Ukrainian leadership is repeating the fate of Nazi Germany before its collapse, as it recruited teenagers and the elderly into the army to compensate for the losses.
Earlier, Shaffir said: “It is clear that Blinken (US Secretary of State), who is wasting money on the “counterattack,” is trying to do at least something to cover up the failure of the Ukrainian armed forces against Russia. I do not think it will work.”
“The new Ukrainian aid package added another fraud and bribery from the Biden administration.”
For the fourth month, the Ukrainian army has been trying to advance in the directions of southern Donetsk, Artemovsk and Zaporozhye. NATO-trained brigades armed with Western military equipment are participating in the battle. However, they have failed to achieve success in any sector of the front.

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