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His amazing feature lies in his ability to calm tense nerves. He has a clear mind and a rational mind that prevents him from rushing to judgment. He refuses to be bound by specific dates, but if he promises he will fulfill without hesitation. Among his most important ideals are equality, brotherhood, freedom, love, truth, experience and contemplation, but it is rare for him to fight for his goals. This is why some accuse him of cowardice, even though he is not. The proof of this is that he adheres to his opinion and does not retreat from it as others do. Many surprises, his memory is relatively weak and he does not give his confidence to others until after scrutiny and scrutiny, but when he is satisfied with someone he gives him his complete love and trust. He has a delicate sense that is rarely available to others. Rather, he has a sixth sense that makes him see and hear things before they happen. Despite that, he rejects superstitious beliefs unless he finds a scientific justification for them.

Professionally: This month, the positions of the planets, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury from Capricorn, warn you of troubles and stressful responsibilities, which will often be intertwined, which will require complete psychological discipline and very strong nerves. Stay away from challenges if they appear, turn your back on disagreements and avoid any confrontation. I also invite you to fight the negatives with the positives.

Emotionally: Private and family matters need a flexible discussion, with Venus in a position opposite to Capricorn, so stay away from problems at all costs. This astronomical dissonance complicates emotional and personal circumstances and makes the family atmosphere charged with negative energy, and therefore loved ones may not sympathize with you.

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